We combine modern dental technology, experience, and commitment that will MAKE YOUR CHILD smile.

We are dedicated to providing the best PEDIATRIC dental services in OUR community.

Flourish Pediatric Dentistry provides quality, personalized dental care for infants, children, young teens, and special needs youth offering:

- Nutritional guidance, patient and parent education, and preventive services including dental exams and cleanings, fluoride, sealants, and mouthguards
- Extractions, crowns, and fillings
- Care for children’s dental emergencies
- Nitrous oxide and safe sedation options for anxiety-free, painless experiences

A lifetime of dental health and beautiful smiles beginning in infancy with pediatric dentistry and later, orthodontics. A positive, pleasant experience for every patient at every visit.

- an office environment, which is comfortable, attractive and impeccably clean
- a partnership with patients and parents to prevent dental disease through proper home and professional oral care
- to care for each patient as we would members of our own families
- to educate people community-wide as well as our patients about the prevention of dental disease

Helping Your Child Flourish


Here to provide dental care focused on pediatric patients and those with special needs

- Dental Cleanings: Dental hygiene education, polishing and scaling as needed
- Sealants: Protective coating for grooves of back teeth (molars and premolars) to prevent cavities
- Silver Diamine Fluoride: Antimicrobial treatment to stop progression of cavities
- Composite Restorations: White fillings to strengthen a tooth after removing a cavity
- Stainless Steel Crowns: Silver colored crown to cover and protect a tooth with a large cavity or high cavity risk
- Pulpotomies: “Baby root canal” or nerve treatment on a baby tooth
- Extractions: Removal of teeth that are unable to be saved or for orthodontic reasons
- Space Maintainers: Metal appliance that saves space and prevents teeth from shifting when a baby tooth is lost early
- Nitrous Oxide: A safe and effective gas used to help relax a nervous patient during dentaltreatment
- IV Sedation: Medication given through an IV to allow a child to be asleep in order to complete dental treatm
- Laser Frenectomy
Fluoride Treatment
X rays
- Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment (arch expansion, appliance therapy for habits)
Oral Conscious Sedation
Pediatric Zirconia (white) Crowns

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